The modular foam target allows you, once the target is assembled, to shoot at least 5000 arrows, before having to turn the first centre.

Then at least 2.000 arrows can be shot before centre shifting is necessary (7.000 shots total).

After another 5.000 more shots turn the centre again (12.000 shots total).

After the next 2.000 shots shift the centre again (14.000 shots total).

You will use the last centre for at least 5.000 shots (19.000 shots total)...

....before having to turn the centre and shoot at least 2.000 arrows.

The modular foam of the DOMINO Target guarantees a minimum of 21.000 shots before you have to replace any parts.
  The number of arrows naturally depends on the arrows used and the poundage of the bow. The figure (21.000 arrows) is based on a recurve bow of 42 lbs, ACE arrows and the shooting distance of 70 meters.
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